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Capture the now with Kennedy

A new way to mark moments in time complete with surrounding context of the things happening around you.

One Tap

With a single tap capture layers of a moment including location, date and time, weather conditions, latest news headlines together with music you were listening to.

Get Kennedy

Available now on the App Store for iPhone running iOS 11


Use the Data Explorers to dig deeper into your data or export your data in JSON or CSV formats to make your own data visualisations.

  • “There's no shortage of apps that want to help you document your life, but there are none quite like Kennedy.” The Verge
  • “There's something compelling about Kennedy's utter simplicity” Wired
  • “Blown away by everything in Kennedy for iPhone: concept, simplicity, design, aesthetic...” @welcometothesky
  • “"This is undoubtedly one of the best journaling apps on the App Store.” App Picker
  • “Minimalist and smart - I didn’t think this could be better than Day One, but it is.” Carles Bellver Spanish App Store Review
  • “Reliving your most memorable moments just became an immersion experience.” Gizmodo
  • “"Kennedy (like Dawes' other projects) is an experiment that challenges the way we interact with and interpret data.” Cool Hunting