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Capture the now with Kennedy

A new way to mark moments in time complete with surrounding context of the things happening around you.

One Tap

With a single tap capture layers of a moment including location, date and time, weather conditions, latest news headlines together with music you were listening to.

Get Kennedy

Available now on the App Store for iPhone running iOS 7

Memory Jogger

Remember where you were when that big news event happened, show all those moments when it was raining or when you were listening to that killer song.

  • “There's no shortage of apps that want to help you document your life, but there are none quite like Kennedy.” The Verge
  • “There's something compelling about Kennedy's utter simplicity” Wired
  • “Blown away by everything in Kennedy for iPhone: concept, simplicity, design, aesthetic...” @welcometothesky
  • “Scary addictive data poetry - and I have to do Xmas shopping! Love the app.” @romylondon
  • “Minimalist and smart - I didn’t think this could be better than Day One, but it is.” Carles Bellver Spanish App Store Review
  • “A beautifully designed 2 tap minimal auto journal. Brilliant!” LeSt. UK App Store Review